About us

About fiss:

Day-to-night urban indie fashion brand for women.

Clean and smart casual clothing for the women on the go, who want to look great and feel great throughout the day. 

About me:

My name is Tamar Fiss, owner and designer of fiss.
Not so long ago, I was a software engineer and a Project Manager, worked in few high-tech companies, In Israel, New York and Singapore.
Passion for fashion, urban city life, nature inspirations and influences from New York, Singapore and Israel led me to change direction and move from high-tech companies to the fashion design school and industry.
In my designs I keep my analytical, geometric side close with the freedom floating nature side, to create a whole me in every design.
I feel that I bring a more mature and sophisticated aspects to my designs, based on my life experiences and the person I became.

I hope you love my designs